"Keep Games Going, Not Ads"


An appeal from Nokola

Today, I am asking you to make a donation to support free games on nokola.com

I started nokola.com almost 4 years ago. Over the years I was amazed to see tens of thousands of people playing Shock monthly.

Shock is a free game for everyone.


I strongly believe our lives are too short to spend time looking at ads. In the end, the user buying a product, pays for that product's advertisement - whether the ad was welcome, or not.
Ads cost you - the user, valuable time, frustration, and money. Would you like to spend your money on something more worthwhile?

That's why there are no ads on nokola.com.
Moreover, I use 100% of the donations on future game development, rather than pay a third party ad provider!


I want to expand Shock with more music, levels, effects. I will make more, better games going forward

Every music track costs me about $15, images cost about $2 each. I need few hundred USD to work and complete the next game.


Thank you for playing. With just a little we can really make a huge difference!

Please make a donation today,



Click below and donate now with Paypal or any major credit card:

Where does my money go?

Your money will be used to buy images, music and other content for Shock and future games.
Even $2 will make a huge difference!

What other games are you planning?

A space shooter with super cool story and a jump-and-run with amazing graphics!

How much should I contribute?

Here are the typical cost of various content:
Music: $15
Images: $2
Videos: $25
A single game on nokola.com needs about 20 or so music tracks, 3-4 videos and about 80-100 images to make it look good :)