App Ratings Updated with search and 6-10x times faster

Dec 22, 2010

I updated App Rating to have search for apps, show rating since last update, and be much faster. Unlike other similar rating apps on the marketplace, App Rating shows a single-screen per-market score so you can compare your app in different markets easily. To use, search the marketplace for “App Rating” or click here to get the app


Video of the new functionality:

Unless I get strong feedback for new features, I’m not planning to invest more in App Ratings. It’s good enough for me Smile


2 New Apps - See Ratings Across Marketplaces and Prevent Phone Locking when Debugging In Visual Studio

Dec 10, 2010

Did you know that by default you see only ratings for your marketplace? I didn’t, and was very amazed to find out my apps have more reviews and ratings than what shows up in my phone marketplace or Zune window.

Using App Ratings, you can now view the ratings by market on a single screen and access reviews in all markets. Search the marketplace for “App Ratings” or click here to get the app


See how fast I can type on that keyboard: Smile

App Ratings uses Atom feed provided by Zune. For more info see the forum posts below:

The other app I’d like to mention is called “dev screen saver” and is made by a colleague and friend of mine. It can help prevent your phone from locking – great to use during long hour sessions of debug and deploy in Visual Studio to avoid having to manually unlock your phone. It also moves an image on screen to prevent burnout/burn-in effects and increase screen life.

I hope these apps will be usable to some people. Smile Bye bye Smile | Terms | Log in


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