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Nov 30, 2009

Imagine having all your links whenever you go available on your browser bar, without having to install any custom software like a toolbar.

Imagine having a way for people that share your interests to access your links with the same ease and edit them in-place.

Imagine going to a new pc and populating your links at your browser with 2 or 3 clicks, without installing software.

Is it possible? Yes it is! Read on, and then subscribe to my links if you wish!

I spent lot of time in the past trying to find a place to put my links into. The problems are:

  • keeping favourites around is hard (OS reinstall, work vs home machines, etc)
  • People with similar interests as mine, cannot contribute to "my" links...then I can miss quite a bit

So I decided to keep my links online. But keeping them online means I have to go to a site, then click the's too much

Then it came to me: RSS link syndication! It allows a nice drop-down-like menu that keeps track of changes and so on automatically.

Please subscribe to my links which point to resources and such. 

These are the steps for Internet Explorer 8:


  •  Enjoy your new drop-down, auto-updateable, relevant (hopefully, if you have similar interests to me) links!


The links are categorized and also show if they are Free (F), Paid ($), for Commercial (©) or Personal (P) use.

Please make sure to contribute your own links at!

So if you want to remind yourself of that free-for-commercial-use graphics site you browsed last month, you can!

Please comment and leave feedback!


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