10 New Effects in EasyPainter

Feb 26, 2010

Yes! :) After spending about 1 hour last night, here are 10 more shaders in EasyPainter.

Since I don't have time to write about each one now, here is a sample image leveraging a few:





  • Zoom Motion in the lower left corner making the trees appear moving fast towards the viewer
  • Ripples in the sea
  • Magnify to enlarge the cloud on the right of the image
  • Pinch to change the shape of the lower coconuts
  • Tint and Color Shift to change the color of the coconuts
  • Sharpen on the houses in the backgroundto make the contrast with Zoom Motion stand out more
  • Magnifier Lens to make the trunk of the palm thinner
  • Life-Like Colors to reveal the missing colors

Shaders now have color pickers (such as Tint), and positions (such as Zoom Motion). The position adorner can be dragged on screen with the mouse.

I also made few bugfixes to the ColorPicker control and the RangeSlider, and will publish these shortly.

Most of the shaders are small modifications or a combination of http://wpffx.codeplex.com shaders and http://shazzam.codeplex.com/.

Moreover, EasyPainter is 12 KB less than its last version, almost 300 KB now. I may still be able to get it in the 250KB range..we'll see.

Hope you like it!

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