We’re Hiring! 19 jobs in WPF/Silverlight Designer in Expression/Visual Studio

Sep 15, 2010

The reason I didn’t post for so long: I was waiting for the public announcement of 19 new job openings in the Expression team!

The jobs include QA (Software Design Engineer in Test), PM (Program Manager) and Dev (Software Design Engineer), Writer and few more. You can apply even if you’re not in the US.

I moved to this team about 2 months ago. I’m currently part of the core/shared graphics team, which is a nice place to be (knock on wood:)) for a person who likes developing samples and working with technologies and devices such as WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and web site stuff :)

Expression team includes, amongst other tools Expression Blend, Web, Design. You’ll have opportunity to work at the bleeding edge for both WPF and Silverlight, as well as Expression Web. You may end up working with such software stars like Lutz Roeder (.NET Reflector, anyone?:)

To apply:

  1. Open https://careers.microsoft.com/Search.aspx OR http://www.microsoft-careers.com/go/Expression-Jobs/194506/
  2. For Product select Expression Studio. Click Search, apply for the job that you’d like.
  3. [Optional] Send me your CV (nikolami@microsoft.com) and/or cover letter - I can forward it internally for you. If you end up in this team we’ll likely have to work together at some point of time – I’m very excited about this!


Here’s also the list of Expression job openings as RSS feed: https://careers.microsoft.com/Feed/Search.ashx?ss=&jc=all&pr=1041&dv=all&ct=all&rg=all&lang=en

If you have any further questions about the nature of work or the team please let me know.

Hope you like it, please comment.

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