Appeal for Donations - Keep Games Going, Not Ads!

Dec 20, 2009

Please take some time to read this appeal completely and eventually donate.

I don't like ads, and there's high possibility that you don't too!

At the same time having an ad-sponsored web site means that ad programs "share" some of people's time (and time is money) spent on my site.

Should I force anyone of the thousands people who view this site to pay for ads? No, I shouldn't and that's one reason to make today's appeal.

The main reason is that I found some very cool music, graphics and so on but they are paid. I want to make 2 more games (space shooter and jump-and-run - you'll see the "drafts" soon), but I "lack the monetary commitment" :)

You can see seemingly random parts of the games and level editors here, here, here (to be expanded in level editor) and here. You can also see, and download concept graphics here and here.

Or, you can see a complete game that topped the community charts on for weeks in 2008 (sans music, since I have to buy it now), here:

$2 buys an image, and $15 is the price of a typical soundtrack.

Please click here to read the full appeal and donate today!.

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