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Nov 30, 2009

Imagine having all your links whenever you go available on your browser bar, without having to install any custom software like a toolbar.

Imagine having a way for people that share your interests to access your links with the same ease and edit them in-place.

Imagine going to a new pc and populating your links at your browser with 2 or 3 clicks, without installing software.

Is it possible? Yes it is! Read on, and then subscribe to my links if you wish!

I spent lot of time in the past trying to find a place to put my links into. The problems are:

  • keeping favourites around is hard (OS reinstall, work vs home machines, etc)
  • People with similar interests as mine, cannot contribute to "my" links...then I can miss quite a bit

So I decided to keep my links online. But keeping them online means I have to go to a site, then click the's too much

Then it came to me: RSS link syndication! It allows a nice drop-down-like menu that keeps track of changes and so on automatically.

Please subscribe to my links which point to resources and such. 

These are the steps for Internet Explorer 8:


  •  Enjoy your new drop-down, auto-updateable, relevant (hopefully, if you have similar interests to me) links!


The links are categorized and also show if they are Free (F), Paid ($), for Commercial (©) or Personal (P) use.

Please make sure to contribute your own links at!

So if you want to remind yourself of that free-for-commercial-use graphics site you browsed last month, you can!

Please comment and leave feedback!


4 Sites With Free Graphics For Commercial Use and Other Resources

Nov 18, 2009

Here is the new, categorized links view: It contains a small but soon-to-be-expanded list of graphics, sound, icons, coding, etc resources.
I took a first stab at the content, adding few of the sites I use most often.
Please feel free to submit your own links! And I would love it if you use this for your personal link storage as well! (just add it to your favourites bar)

You can filter by use (Commercial, Free, Paid, etc) and browse by category. The left-hand side is Silverlight (easy to code for all browsers and high performance) and the right-side is HTML in order to allow easier copy-paste and middle-click to open in new tab.

Feedback is strongly appreciated!

I was tired of losing my links every time I reinstall the OS, move to a different pc, etc.
If you're like me, you probably have a lot of links or visited a lot of sites but don't have them categorized very well. More importantly, for people who develop projects for themselves or for money, having a quick view of "free for commerial use", "free for personal use", etc resources is very beneficial.

I can feel the pain :) is the solution (hopefully)

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