Game Cutscenes Part 1 - The Sequencer (No Code Yet, Just Concept)

Jan 4, 2010

This post is a call for initial feedback, before I go deeper into coding and stuff, just to make sure I'm not missing anything and capture cool ideas...

I've been working on a new game recently, and thought it would be really nice to have some cutscenes in the game.

Here's a sample frame such a scene: 

Obviously, the above frame is not too advanced, but it looks pretty exciting and fun to create, especially when combined with the right soundtrack


   Image background:

   Ninja warriors: 

   Both image sources are by-nc-sa CC license:

The Sequencer

What we really need is a way to control all game "events" (such as encounters, text on screen, music, etc). The Sequencer is a central point (e.g. a C# class), that "knows" about high-level game events, such as "Level1 Start", or "Battle 2 Encounter".

The sequencer controls all in-game events, such as text being displayed, cutscenes, music sync (for example, when a cutscene starts, the sequencer will switch the music).

Here's a small high-level diagram of what I think is needed to implement a single-screen cutscene:


I'm assuming that Sequencer, Sequence and the Action-s will end up as C# classes that know how to operate on the game world.

In the above diagram, Sequence1 might represent the complete cut-scene, with all dialogue that occurs.



Above is a draft interface (made with Paint, if it's not obvious :))  for creating the cutscenes.

The initial version of the interface will allow for:

  • Choosing music (1 only)
  • Selecting background
  • Adding characters, dialogue, movements, synced to the music
  • Save as XML

That's all for now.

Any ideas that you'd like to share or other feedback? Please comment.

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