Two Ways to Create High-Quality Glassy Controls in XAML

Sep 12, 2009

 However, there is one design trick that I'd love to master to give my applications that killer look -- the ability to give a control, be that a logo, a menu bar, or whatever, the ultra-glossy appearance, and especially the appearance that I've seen in these water ripples applications of the control having a shiny layer of water on them..  I don't necessarily need to achieve the ripple effect, but I'd love to know how to achieve the water layer appearance.


After receiving this in my e-mail box few days ago, I dug out two really amazing tutorials:


Blend Candy: Another Blue Glowing Glass Button in the style of Web 2.0

by LiquidBoy


Creating a Glass Button: The Complete Tutorial

by Martin Grayson

After clicking the above link, remember to check attachment that contains the actual complete tutorial on how to achieve the effect step-by-step in Blend.

This is the image from Martin's blog, just to get you hooked up! 



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