EasyPainter Source Pack1: Color Picker, RangeSlider, Small Expander, Fast Drop Shadow and more!

Feb 8, 2010

I'm very happy to publish the EasyPainter source code pack. The controls in the pack are optimized for usability, speed and size.

All of them have been succesfully used in real-life apps which is the best way to test if something works.

Download Source Code

Here's a live demo:

This pack contains the following controls:

  • Color Picker - feature complete control that allows to pick any color, transparency or type in hex color
  • Editable, auto-formatting slider - if you want to give the user the ability to quickly choose values with previews, this control is for you. It will also try and self-adapt the number format (spaces after the zero), based on the scale you specify.
  • Fast drop shadow frame - consists of few rectangles, without customizations. But you can have a lot of those, in many sizes and not worry about performance.
  • Minimalistic Expander - the best thing about this control is that it's small (12KB). You don't need to get the whole 300+KB Microsoft.Windows.Controls from the Silverlight Toolkit.
  • The toolbar buttons used in EasyPainter on the side and top toolbar
  • The toolbar radio buttons used in EasyPainter for tool selection

Hope you like it!

btw, here's a nice trick that I used to do the rectangle background for the alpha picker:

         <Rectangle Fill="White" />
        <Line Stroke="Gray" StrokeThickness="4" StrokeDashArray="1,1" X1="2" Y1="0" X2="2" Y2="300"  />
        <Line Stroke="Gray" StrokeThickness="4" StrokeDashArray="0,1,0" X1="2" Y1="0" X2="2" Y2="300" Grid.Column="1"  />

In the posts coming up, I'll talk about compositing the image on screen, filters, and drawing with pixel shaders! There's also adorner, cursor code, and Flickr integration coming up!


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