WPF/Silverlight Tutorials From My Previous Blog

Sep 12, 2009

This is the list of all posts I consider interesting from my old blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/nikola

This blog now replaces the old one :)

Here's the list...hope you like it:


Exposed: 5 methods to create game loop: which is the best?

Anatomy of a Silverlight Game: Avoid Common Mistakes When Building Online Games

Play this Silverlight Game Online: Shock v2

Design and Effects:

Nice background image

Large Star Field - Take 2, how to make it look "deep" and more reallistic


Windows 7 Look-alike Taskbar Button Control in Silverlight

Motion Capture:

Human Movements - The Easiest Motion Capture File Format

Reallistic Human Movements in Silverlight - My Own Motion Capture Viewer!

Whitepapers and Tutorials: 

Anatomy of a Silverlight Game: Avoid Common Mistakes When Building Online Games

3 Easy Steps to WPF Pixel Shaders. Template Project and Five Shader Samples (Twirl UI, Light, Blobs, Grayscale and Wave reflection)


Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines: Designing controls, text style and tone, placement and many more

Building 1977 Computer Emulator in Silverlight

Image Effects with Silverlight: Creating the Saturation Light Sample

Optimizing WPF 3D scenes for Tier-2 Hardware (roughly Pixel Shader 2.0+)

Beginner Samples:

Cool Silverlight Splash Screen Concept Demo (including Source Code)

Ray Tracing in Silverlight

Blobbying #1 - Introducing Blob the Builder

XAML Load support in Cider May CTP Release. Sample app.

Web Services/Authentication/HTML Integration:

ASP.NET Authentication for Silverlight Applications (Accessing ASP.NET Membership, Profile and Role Services)

Silverlight: How to Make Your WCF Web Service Work for All Users

Calling Web Services and Accessing UI from Timer Event in Silverlight

Visual Studio 2008 Walkthrough: Creating, Hosting and Using WCF Services with Silverlight 2

Configuring IIS 7 to work with WCF Web Services for Silverlight 2


Reading Embedded Resources

Super Cool Visual Studio Color Schemes and Fonts

.NET Debugging Tricks: Formatting Class Appearance in the VS Watch Window

Setting Cookies in Silverlight

Binding Animation To and From Properties

Converting RTF on the Clipboard To XAML

Retrieving Information From Excel 2007 Files

RichTextBox Tips  

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